In May of 1961, Angus Godwin was one of the featured folk singers at the Indian Neck Folk Festival on the campus of Yale University, alongside the Beers Family and others. One of the people who was there that weekend to listen was a very young and then-unknown Bob Dylan. Dylan was not there to perform, but did end up playing and singing during an impromptu jam session which was included on several reels of audio tape.

Two of those reels also included performances by Angus, and the collection ended up in the Library of Congress!

We have managed to acquire digital copies of those tapes and have edited them into individual tracks which you can hear here for the first time in 60 years. These represent the earliest known recordings of Angus Godwin by more than a decade, and were not known to exist by the family until late May, 2021.

Please note that these MP3s do include a few tape glitches and two tracks are incomplete.  You will also find that Angus was accompanied by Eveyln Beers on four tracks.