Learn to Sing & Free Your Natural Voice With Angus Godwin

After an early teacher ruined his voice decades ago, Professor Angus Godwin developed a logical approach to singing which healed the damage done to his voice – learn from one of the greatest living experts and unleash the freedom and power of your natural voice:

Professor Godwin has practiced and taught his natural method for singing for over half a century, and as a result his voice is still amazingly powerful and free to this day.

Many people would think it was impossible for a person in their 80s to be able to sing so powerfully and without tiring their voice, but the proof of his method can be heard in any of his performances.

Many of Angus Godwin’s students have gone on to great success in their careers including appearing on Broadway, and American Idol.

Professor Godwin still considers select private students, and is available on a limited basis for master classes. Students anywhere can also learn from Professor Godwin with his voice training app for iPhone and iPad, available since 2012 in the App Store:

Learn to Sing Angus Godwin's iPhone app


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